Corporate copywriter and editor

I’m Laura Parker, a corporate copywriter. I help organisations, large and small, to communicate clearly with their employees and stakeholders.

Content writer

I write copy for websites, newsletters, brochures, features, news stories and case studies. I’m versatile and experienced – so my clients ask me to craft content for a whole range of materials including reports, annual reviews, management bulletins, speeches, membership packs, and exhibition material. Sometimes I’m even a ‘ghost’ – crafting messages, blogs and scripts for company leaders.

Project planning and management

If you can’t face that blank page, I know how to get a project started – and finished.

I begin by clarifying and pinning down the brief, because that’s the vital first step for making sure everyone’s expectations are met. I enjoy liaising with design, photography, print and web specialists and I’m very happy to work alongside in-house teams or favourite agencies.

Internal communications and employee engagement

I’ve helped in-house teams to create dynamic campaigns that build employee engagement and bring company values to life.

We use all the channels, from traditional magazines and newsletters (online and print) to e-newsletters, intranets, videos, blogs and Yammer.

Native, idiomatic English

Is English not your first language? I often smooth out text written or translated by non-native speakers of English. My European clients speak excellent English. But they know that a sure ‘native speaker’ touch brings authenticity and credibility to their company communications.

Words for creatives

Graphic and digital designers have special skills. They’re brilliant with images and graphics, but sometimes they’re not so good at words. I’ve developed some excellent partnerships with web designers and creatives, so they can be sure their work not only looks great, it reads well, too.