Corporate copywriter


Writing partner, or virtual agency?

The Superscript service is flexible and tailored to my clients’ needs. I’m often taken on as a freelance writer, editor or communications consultant. I also put together ‘virtual agency’ teams, working with design, photography, web and video partners.

Regular project partners


I enjoy working with designers. Over the years I have built up partnerships with a number of creative freelancers and agencies. Many of my clients have their own in-house design departments. I’m always happy to brief these teams and work closely alongside them.

Marketing consultancy

I’ve worked with Andrew Gibbons at MRM Solutions, on a number of client projects, providing analysis, strategy, employee surveys and marketing advice.


I love researching and finding the right image. My first job was clearing photographic rights for a publisher. I have located photographers and commissioned photography all over the world. In the UK, Sam Ashfield and Jenny Aston are two of my favourites.


My words have been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish, German, and Norwegian. I’ve worked with leading translation houses including I’ve also engaged and worked with technical and foreign language proofreaders.


My first stop for A/V, post production and interactive media is The Hall, based in Chipping Norton. Other suppliers are also available!

Websites & SEO

Most of my clients manage their digital work in-house. I’ve also been looking for a good local web partner for some time. Now I’ve found one.

MR Marketing


They’re trendy, they’re fun and they can be hard to get right. It’s not about creating a simple picture. A good infograph needs that special combination of a visual eye, an ability to process large amounts of data, and great communications skills. I’ve worked with agencies in London and The Netherlands – ask me more.

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